Our Story

Ayanika Foods, finds its roots in a century old family business and tradition. Following in the footstep of her ancestors, who were revered as the Oil King of the state, Ayanika is all set to make her own mark. 

She is budding and expanding herself by sharing pure A2 Ghee, ethically sourced honey from the deep forests of India to bringing age old secret grandmother’s recipes, now with the world. As the legacy lives on, a beautiful story of how the hard work and success of the ancestors continue to inspire and shape the present, bringing joy and deliciousness to the lives of countless people, just as it has for many generations before.

The recipes, past down traditions have been continually perfected where only fresh ingredients are sourced to create the yummiest foods. Today, understanding that the world is moving at a fast pace, where food is easily available through various channels but may not necessarily compliment the health, Ayanika Foods, is here to bridge the gap. 

Easy to make, ready to cook foods is what we focus on. Ensuring that these foods are not only lip smackingly good, they are also 100% chemical-free, preservative-free, artificial-colour free. All flavours are natural of the ingredients used in the foods. 

Ayanika Foods, respects her family history, letting it shine through in every product they offer, making it a true delight for anyone who enjoys the taste of home. With love and determination, the current founder carries forward the family's tradition, making sure that the quality and taste of their products remained as wonderful as ever.