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Why Making A2 Ghee from Curd Using Bilona Method is Better

Aug 30, 2023

Preserving Nutritional Integrity:

Bilona is a method of slow churning, making the butter and ghee taste more aromatic and tastier. This is an age old practice of Ayurveda. Ayanika Foods ghee is obtained to slow churning the curd into butter and then extracting butter and buttermilk from it. 

Enhanced Flavour and Aroma:

Making Ayanika Foods A2 ghee from curd using the Bilona method is known to result in a ghee with a distinct flavour and aroma. The butter is then heated on slow flame to obtain the ghee, maintaining the maximum nutrition in terms of the fat-soluble vitamins and beneficial fatty acids.

Potential for Reduced Allergenicity:

Many people may find the A2 ghee made using Bilona method as more friendly for their gut compared to ghee obtained directly from butter. The Bilona method allows a large about of milk solids to be removed, as a result working for those who may have even the mildest form of lactose intolerance. 

Cultural and Heritage Significance:

In some communities, the Bilona method of ghee production has a profound cultural and historical significance. Adopting this conventional approach not only protects culinary customs but also links people to their cultural origins and ancestors' knowledge.

Both techniques for producing ghee have advantages, but the traditional Ayurvedic Bilona technique stands out due to its focus on tradition, quality, and potential health advantages. Ayanika Foods, follows this method, and it results in a product that goes beyond taste to embody the spirit of wholesome nourishment. It's a method of making ghee that honours the essence of the curd.